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This will open a 1280x720 example frame of the resolution Star Trek:Cloak will be rendered at. Expect this to be updated regularly.
1280 x 720 Sample Frames in JPEG format

Star Trek:Cloak Mission Statement

The rather ambitious plan with Star Trek: Cloak is to do what would be called today a downloadable “direct to video” style animated film set in the Star Trek universe, and a direct sequel to D.C. (Dorothy) Fontana’s classic Star Trek Original Series (TOS) episode “The Enterprise Incident”.

The intent is to tell a good story set in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek Universe and follow up on some story arcs that are part of the basic canon of the show, such as the shared history of the Romulan and Vulcan peoples that D.C. Fontana has so beautifully nurtured over the years.

A lot more will be said here in the near future, for now, two important points.  One, the intent here is to entertain in what we hope will be the classic way of Star Trek.  That means involving the characters we love in the universe we love.  Staying true to Gene Roddenberry’s vision, as I see it, this will not be a story of the Second Romulan War.  There will be action and conflict, but war and violence should be last resorts when all other options fail, that I feel is an important part of Gene Roddenberry's vision for mankind's future.  Even in what is my favorite TOS episode, “Balance of Terror”, the actual confrontation is measured and calculated, and hotly debated too.  As it always should be. 

Second, this is a labor of love, a work of fan fiction, not intended in any way for profit.  I am a first generation Star Trek fan, at the age of 13 I started watched the original run on September 8, 1966, and never looked back.  In 1972 I went to my first science fiction convention, the John and Bjo Trimble run World Science Fiction Convention “L.A. Con”, and the rest, as they say, is history.  I formed the Northern California chapter of the Star Trek Association for Revival (S.T.A.R.) shortly afterwards, the third in the state after the legendary San Diego and Los Angeles chapters.  I did hundreds of Trek illustrations that were published in approximately 50 Star Trek fan publications (fanzines) and newsletters in the mid-seventies.  I may eventually elaborate on the history of my involvement in Trek, it is extensive, to be sure, and includes professional work such as a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine game done for Paramount Interactive in 1993-94; but for now, that will have to wait. 

All original art published here should be considered under my copyright, beyond that, Star Trek is a Trademark of CBS/Paramount Television and no infringement is intended in any way.  As I say, this is not a work for profit, just a life long dream of a now semi-retired Trekkie with too much time on his hands.  I have worked most of my life in the professional television and computer game industries and I will be mastering this project in High Definition (HD) in  1080p (1920x1080) and will deliver it in a format that takes advantage of that.  We shall see.

For now, I welcome input in all forms.  I am sure I will eventually put up both a forum and a blog, but this is it for now.  I hope to have a trailer demonstrating my visual intent done by March 2008.  The plan for now is to do a traditional animation look but in the modern digital world.  At this point, I do not anticipate creating any Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) assets.  Lots of digital “tricks” but a very hand drawn animation look is the plan, though I hope to go a bit beyond the more simplistic “filmation” look of Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS).  We shall see.  Now I am off to the drawing board. 

doug at
December 28, 2007

And I got my first animated banner done!  It is at the top of the links page!  Please help me spread the word!  Thanks!

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