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Animated Star Trek Cloak Map - Right click to return to the Cloak Canon page
Here is an animated GIF of the original map and the new color update.  This just brings back so many memories...  This was originally version four of my Known Space drawings, circa 1973, with the addition of Kzinti Space in 1974 after "The Slaver Weapon" aired. 
Romulan Battle Cruiser with Bird of Prey emblem
A Romulan Battle Cruiser drawn in 1973, and printed in Kraith Collected Volume II in 1977.  To the best of my knowledge this was the first D-7 to appear with a full bird of prey emblem on it, which I had added to my first AMT model as reference.  This, like the Known Space map, is a restoration from a medium gray photo copy from the period.
Lt Feelar, the robust head of security on the Cloak version of the USS Enterprise
Along with creating a map of Star Trek Known Space during that period, I also added a few of my own races to what I now call the Cloak Universe.  This is not the first drawing I did of Lt. Feelar of the planet Sabora, but it is one of my favorites.  It, like the first drawing I did of him, appeared on the cover of the fanzine The Clipper Trade Ship, published by Jim & Melody Rondeau.   Will he appear as a security officer on the Enterprise in ST:Cloak?  Of course! (see his spiritual descendant)
Dolphin member of Starfleet
I did a small series of potential animated characters for a updated "Cloak" project back in the post "Wrath of Khan" days.  I was no longer very active in Trek fandom at this point, and was even starting to fade in Comic fandom.  A favorite illustration from the time though, a good concept I think, I would like to include a cetacean Starfleet member in ST:Cloak.

More of my old Trek art, along with some TOS production shots from my Lincoln Enterprises film clip collection, can be found on the Yahoo Group "theartofstartrek" under "Doug's Photos"..  

An away mission with a lot of unusual Starfleet members
I had a lot of fun back in the day, adding alien races to the Federation.  Here is a good example, with Lt. Feelar, Spock, and an interesting though unnamed avian Starfleet crewman.  This appeared on the back cover of  the fanzine (insert name - time to head to California and dig through the collection).
Scroll down, more of my rather dated but hopefully interesting Trek art from the 1970's is lurking down there...
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