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What is the "Vegan Tyranny"?  Do you have something against vegetarians?

Ha! No, some of my best friends and family members are vegetarians, through none of them are true vegans.  The Vegan Tyranny is from James Blish' "Cities in Flight" future history, which he merged into the Star Trek universe in his prose adaptation of the first season episode "Return to Tomorrow", published in 1968.  Scotty makes a reference to the fact that in the 20th Century this local part of the galaxy was still controlled by the "Vegan Tyranny".  I actually did not see the episode again until 1972, where I actually expected Scotty to say that exact line.  I was a bit disappointed.  Such is the way certain aspects of the adaptations trickled into my perceptions of Star Trek.  Vega is also the fifth brightest star in the northern hemisphere, it is only 25.3 light years from earth.  It has been a popular solar system for created alien races since the beginning of modern science fiction.  For the vegetarian Vegans, it is usually pronounced "Veegans", for the aliens, "Vaygans".

I was also very happy to note of late that I was not the only person to notice Blish' addition to the Star Trek Universe, it is made reference to in a number of Trek encyclopedias.  Cool.

Have you read the Star Trek Section 31 novel "Cloak" by S. D. (Stephani) Perry?

No, I have not.  That someone finally used such an obvious Star Trek title was bound to eventually happen, and I picked up a copy when it first came out at the 2001 WesterCon in Portland, and got it autographed too.  Re-reading the back cover, the novel seems to go in a different direction than my story.  Mine has always involved some strife over the validity of basically willfully violating the Romulan Armistice Treaty, and goes of in a very different direction than I suspect the novel does.  Personally, the Section 31 episode of DS9 was interesting, but I would not play the section up, it seems too contrary to Gene Roddenberry's more optimistic vision of the future of human civilization.

And of course, book-movie titles are not copyrightable, so no worries there. 


"Kzinti Space" stands out rather prominently in your map of Known Space, will the Kzin be part of the "Cloak" storyline?

No, not at this time.  I have always loved Larry Niven's Kzin and his own "Known Space" future history stories.  These were melded into Star Trek's with the adaptation of his short story "The Soft Weapon" into the animated episode "The Slaver Weapon" and with more than a bit of pleasure I added Kzinti Space to my Trek Universe map.  The actual storyline to ST:Cloak is far removed from Kzinti space however and for this particular project, the Kzin will be very much absent.

The Kzinti are also part of the Star Fleet Battles gaming universe, are Lyrans and Hydrans also part of the "Cloak Universe"?

No.  Although Star Fleet Battles started in 1975, I think of it as a splinter universe and not part of true Trek canon, just an interesting quantum variant, which in many ways is what my version is as well.

Again, to be clear, everything in the ST:Cloak universe is based on canon and quasi-canon of the time.  That includes as Canon:

Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)
"The Making of Star Trek" by Stephen E. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)

And as Quasi-Canon:

"Star Trek 1-11" Episode adaptations by James Blish
"Spock Must Die" by James Blish
"Star Fleet Technical Manual" by Franz Joseph
"Star Trek Blueprints" by Franz Joseph

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